Five Questions to think about as we study 2nd Samuel

1. What are the characteristics of the people in this section?

2. How does God deal with them? What does this reveal about His character?

3. Have I seen this in other Bible stories, or even in my own life? Does it remind me of other passages or verses?

4. What do I find difficult about this section?

5. What do I think God wants me to learn from this section? What specific changes will I make in my own life (thoughts, actions, attitudes) because of what I’ve read?

I will include some online Bible Study aids in the near future to help enhance our study together.


About daughter2theking

Having survived living and working in Europe and North Africa I now find myself in a place where I am overwhelmed with the sense that I have something to say. Within the messy chapters of my life I have finally found my sense of purpose. The underlying premise of everything I put forth is my faith which is grounded in love, hope, forgiveness, and grace.
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